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Is your company properly insured if one of your employees is kidnapped? Our K&R Insurance is preparing you for a kipnap situation through Crisis Management.

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About our K&R Insurance

The risk of being kidnapped is thought to have increased over the last five years – particularly kidnapping by radical Islamist groups.

Therefore, dahlberg assurance agentur is offering a Kidnap & Ransom Insurance, in order to prepare and protect your employees against kidnap incidents.

Nowadays kidnapping for ransom is a criminal activity that primarily has one purpose: financial gain. Global market standards today, challenge businesses with trade and development across borders and between cultures – business travel is essential, and even more so is the safety of your employees. Whether your company holds local employees abroad, business travelers or expats, our specialists are ready to protect them, through an insurance with optimal coverage, which is tailored exactly to your needs. Furthermore, our insurance takes into consideration where in the world the employees are working, and the trade in which the company is involved. This means that the insurance will respond appropriately to critical incidents and ensure an efficient risk recovery.

Coverage of the ransom can be anything from 10 to 100 million DKK. As an example, a customer with over 200 travel days a year to Afghanistan (or another high-risk area), would have an estimated annual premium of 50.000 DKK with an insurance sum of 25 million DKK.

Crisis Management

As a part of our Kidnap & Ransom Insurance we provide Crisis Management to all our clients.

Crisis Management is crucial in order to prepare and help our clients in the event of a kidnap situation.

Our specialists will work alongside the client to develop, implement and refine Crisis Management plans and to conduct tailor-made training and simulation exercises.



  • Crisis Management Plan / Pre-incident training – provided by experienced specialists who will provide guidance on safe travel, prevention of dangerous situations and country specific warnings for travel.
  • In case of an incident, the insurance will provide immediate, direct contact to trained crisis consultants – for employees and direct family.
  • Coverage of costs in case of kidnapping, demand of ransom, blackmailing, hijacking or retention.
  • Help from Crisis Psychologists for the remaining employees of the company and their family.
  • Access to the GSI platform – a market leading security analysis tool. The Global Security Insight (GSI) is a platform, which offers our clients the opportunity to better understand the risks to their personal safety and their exposure to crime and extortion, as well as the risks to their family and/or personnel.

Dahlberg offers

Full information

  • Guidance from our specialists relating to the risk of travelling including safety advice

Full accessibility

  • Direct contact to our advisors in the damaging occurence

Full coverage

  • Coverage of costs in case of kidnapping, demand of ransom, blackmailing, hijacking or retention

Contact information

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